How rich is Lilly Singh aka Superwoman

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Lilly Singh is worth more than 11 million dollars and that was after she became Youtube Superwoman. You might remember Lilly Singh for being an online sensation. All the time she hung out with Selena Gomez, Dwayne Johnson aka The Rock, BillGates.

She is born in Canada. She grew up in lower middle class neighbourhood of Scarborough. After graduation Lilly Singh went to study psychology at York University in Canada. After four years she created her Youtube channel under Superwoman.

Initially she was uploading random videos about her life. Later on Lilly received moderate views in 2012 as the quality of her production slowly increased her channel amassed over 2 million hits per month but in 2013 life itself got lit as fuck following a video about how girls get ready Lilly gained over 20 million views and more than a hundred and fifty thousand subscribers.

Using the newfound fame to her advantage she continued to upload videos about fun and exciting topics. As a result in 2014 Lilly Singh channel broke the 2 million subscriber mark while she earned more than 20,000 dollar every 30 days and thank the good heavens it has not slowed down.

Currently Lilly Singh rakes in more than 50 grand a month from her Yoututbe channel along with an additional 10,000 dollars every 30 days from her daily vlog episodes but that is small potatoes. Considering in 2016 Lilly made 7.5 million dollars partnering with Coca-Cola, SmashBox along with other Cosmetic Companies. Not to mention she also received more than a million dollars in advance to write a book called " How to be Bawse ".

In conclusion Lilly Singh is making more money being more positive and doing more collaborations than you and I combined.

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